The Mount Faron

A site to discover or rediscover …

The Mont Faron (Faro in Provençal) dominates with its 584 meters of the most beautiful white limestone roads of Europe. Far from being the culminating point, it remains none the less famous (Faron, Coudon, Caume, Baou of the Four Oures, Big Brain). Stretching at its feet, Toulon and the harbor, the coast of the Îles d’Or at La Ciotat, the Mediterranean as far as the eye can see.
Faron: Night view of Toulon
Toulon harbor was surrounded from the XVI th century a defense system to protect its maritime and land access as and as offensive artillery lengthened its reach. On Mount Faron, nine forts watch over the harbor: Fort St-Antoine, the Ubac tower, the Beaumont Tower, the Sanctuary (formerly a powder magazine), the Leydet entrenchment, the Central Barracks, Croix-Faron, the Impluvium and Fort Faron. The Beaumont Tower was built in 1845 to defend and supervise the harbor. It is now housed in Memorial Museum of Allied Docking in August 1944.
Faron: panoramic view
A true haven of peace, this unique and preserved site offers a wide variety of outdoor activities: Alpine hiking, GR, mountain biking, on two loops prepared for young and old, and climbing for athletes of all levels. Possibility to climb the mountain bike cable car. Parking and picnic and play areas.

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