Hiking Tips: Why Hike With Helmet

If you are to choose…

the part of the body and the head that you prefer to be injured then automatically the head will not be an option. The head carries the engine of the body for it has the brain which controls all the physical and emotional body functions. Hiking is a good hob for its lovers. It is also fun when you have the right protective gear. Falling and rising is part of hiking but you need to take precaution to avoid permanent head damage. The only way to achieve this goal is use of a helmet.

Even the latest medical…

discoveries prove that the helmet is made of hard material both on the inside and the outside to protect the head even in a serious fall. Medical advancement timeline has the following benefits to say about the benefits of helmets. Before that let us look at the parts of a helmet that enhance its functionality.

  1. Outer plastic material
  2. Inner cushion to prevent friction
  3. The adjustable strapping for fitting
  4. The hard glass part for vision  

Offers maximum brain protection

The cliffs and the rocks that you need to pass as you strive to reach the mountain top means that a fall inevitable at any one point. Besides, you may have rocks that fall from the top hill including branches which might also be a threat. You do not need to come out of the hiking escapade with a sad story yet you can prevent this using a helmet of your choice.Why wear a helmet? Health research proves that the helmet can prevent brain injury up to 88%. Take care of your head which you need away from the hiking escapade that putting on a helmet.

Warms the nostrils

Hiking takes place in high altitudes where the temperatures are extremely low. It can affect the nostrils which become dry. People who are sensitive to this may have serious health challenges like flu. The inner cushion of a helmet creates a moist environment which provides warmth like the normal room body temperature.

Reduces pressure

Do you understand why people nose bleed most of the time when they hike? This is because of the temperature differences. What is a helmet that creates a different sub environment which still creates a moist environment which increases the temperature around the nose to a level that there is an equilibrium that cannot warrant a nose bleed.

Provides clear vision

The facial part of the helmet is also made of hard glass not only to protect the eyes but also to enhance vision when hiking and passing through the caves as part of the expedition.

Enjoy your hiking without any interference or caution. What will you protect your feet or hair? It is important to focus on where you are stepping. Imagine when you have a fall and you are trying to protect your hair at the same time you are sliding and trying to check on your landing position.