How to Prepare Physically for a Camp

A camping trip gives you a wonderful opportunity to explore the beautiful earth, connect with nature, test your physical and emotional limits, and enjoy a pleasant workout. Besides the other preparations, you need to make sure you are in good shape and physically fit for the camping experience. Remember, most people might need more preparation for the camping trip than just strapping the backpack, donning boots, and heading on out to the camp. Even though the camping trip might not be as physically strenuous, you will need lots of stamina that will certainly come in handy as you walk the long distances to reach your ideal camping site Therefore, you need to train sufficiently to keep yourself physically fit and healthy.

i. Hiking
Hiking is the best form of workout that will help you to keep physically fit and ready for your next camping trip. You may choose to go for morning or evening walks. It doesn’t need to be necessarily strenuous, but regular hiking is critical for building up stamina. Simply taking a nice, long, and exciting walk with a family member or your dog will prove helpful in boosting your fitness capacity.

ii. Cardio Exercise
If you prefer to do most of your physical training at your local fitness center, then your focus should be on cardio exercise, as these help you to boost your lung capacity while keeping you physically fit. Even though being able to carry a backpack is a critical aspect of the camping trip, only minimal upper body workouts are required, unless you plan to go rock climbing as well Cycling and running are useful activities you could perform as well to help with fitness.

iii. Build Up To The Camping Trip
As you approach the actual day of the camp, you will find it beneficial to increase your level of training. if you’ve been working out walking five days each week, then you might want to consider working out and hiking on the weekends as well This is helpful as it gets your body to acclimatize and prepare for the experience.

iv. Stimulate The Camping/Hiking Trip
If you plan to go long distances during your camping trip, it is highly recommended that you mimic the topography and terrain of the routes you will follow during your trip. If you’re intending to go hiking and camping deep in the mountains, then you should include some steep routes in your training as much as possible. You need to get used to hiking with a fully loaded backpack to keep yourself in good shape!

v. Don’t Forget To Workout Your Core
You’ll need core body strength for stability and balance necessary for the long walks. Fortunately, core exercises only take a short time and the beauty of them is that you can do them at home without necessarily visiting a gym. Besides the typical sit-ups, you might want to consider planks as well. Begin the routine lying flat on your tummy, and then raise yourself while keeping your toes and forearms resting on the ground.

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